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Wed Jul 14 14:53:01 EDT 2010

Raul Suarez wrote, On 07/14/2010 11:02 AM:
> Summary: There are regular postings at Manulife, go have a look and
> if I can I will send a referral.
> Full text: Manulife Canadian Division IS has the practice of
> sending internal postings in case we can provide referrals from
> people we know.
> I've been tempted to send them to this list knowing that there are
> very good technical people in our group.

Yes, please.

> What has stopped me is that, while technical in nature, they are
> not necessarily FLOSS related as they are for internal systems.

We live in a non-FLOSS world. We all have to deal with it, one way or 

Those who want to live in a FLOSS-only world can ignore the posts, 
letting the rest get the benefit.

Regardless, all can use a sense of a 'heartbeat' of the market.

> The postings I receive are usually Systems Integrator, Developer,
> Systems Analyst and Application support from middle level to
> senior.

If there are more than that, please post them too. e.g. Operations, or 
infrastructure, roles. kwlug, essentially, consists of anyone who can 
use a computer.

> Example, currently there is an intermediate Java developer posting
> for eServices at the Bank.
> If you are in the market, you should know that there are regular
> postings (avg 8 per month). You can go to the website and if
> something catches your eye and want an internal referral, send me a
> note. If I know you and can send the referral. I will.
> Or if you want me to keep my eyes open for a particular skill set,
> also send me a note.
> Full disclosure: I get a finders bonus for successful referrals,
> but that's no my main driver. (Actually, the perception this may
> cause was the second thing that stopped me from sending this email
> earlier.)

To my mind - good on you. I stay in the know, someone gets a job, and 
you get some $. Win-win all around. And if someone is successful, 
there's a higher likelihood of a kindred spirit that you can work 
with, than not. Good outcome for you. Good outcome for the applicant, 
and good outcome for us all.

Let alone: (FLOSS) attack from within. (-:

> Conversely, I think that it would be useful if other people in
> other companies let the group know when they are in hiring mode.

The other thing to know is that the internal posting show salary 
ranges. Salary seems to be a show stopper - if you're looking for 
more, or less, salary, often there is no opportunity to explore one's 
technical fit. Making sure we can fit into the salary expectations, 
going in, would help enormously.

IMO, do please proceed Raul.

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