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At work we use a batch control application but sometimes, when we need to go across platforms (or business partners) we rely on trigger files.

We would have a watcher job that triggers the next steps as soon as the file is received.

It is a fairly simple and fail proof method. Under Linux you can use inotify


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> I push my webserver and desktops each
> night over to a backup server using rsync by running a
> script on the desktops/webserver.  I've got that set
> for 1am.
> Then at about 3 am on the backup server I run a script that
> compresses the backups and dates it.
> Is there an easy way to ensure the script on the backup
> server doesn't start running until the backups are
> done?  Or would I be better forcing the compression and
> dating right from the desktop script?
> g.
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