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> I push my webserver and desktops each night over to a backup server
> using rsync by running a script on the desktops/webserver. I've got
> that set for 1am.
> Then at about 3 am on the backup server I run a script that compresses
> the backups and dates it.
> Is there an easy way to ensure the script on the backup server doesn't
> start running until the backups are done? Or would I be better forcing
> the compression and dating right from the desktop script?

In-line is easy, if you are using rsync you already have SSH certs to allow cross-server execution:

rsync ..... && ssh root at backup_server "bzip2 /path/to/file"

-- or --

if rsync ......
     ssh root at backup_server "bzip2 /path/to/file"

the other way is to use a file as a flag. Have the rsync script set the flag and have the compress check for it "if [ -f flag.file ]; then ...", then remove it before continuing.


rsync ..... && ssh root at backup_server "touch /var/run/webserver_bu_flag"

Then on backup server:

if [ ! -f "/var/run/webserver_bu_flag" ]; then
    echo "Error: web server backup not done"
    exit 1

bzip2 .....

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