[kwlug-disc] OpenWRT / 802.11n / USB / SD / GB - MAC filtering wi-fi side specific?

Joe Wennechuk youcanreachmehere at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 15 09:30:55 EST 2010

I have used the ubiquity. They do mac filtering. Their firmware is good. What exactly is it that you are trying to do? I don't understand what open wrt can do on the ubiquity radios that their firmware can't. I have a ubiquity nanostation and I love it. The reason they are not well distributed in Canada yet is.. (This is what I was told anyhow) While they have been approved by the FCC for operation in the states, the units have not yet been approved for use in Canada by the CRTC.

 I have used several of the other ubiquity products, powerstation, etc, as well as their 5 Ghz stuff. I have used them outside from -40 ~ +40 degrees in the rain sleet, and snow.



Joseph Wennechuk

> Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 02:28:22 -0500
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> Subject: [kwlug-disc] OpenWRT / 802.11n / USB / SD / GB - MAC filtering wi-fi side specific?
> Having posted to OpenWRT looking for these specs, two suggestions that 
> came back are the Asus RT-N16 (DD-WRT) and Ubiquiti RouterStation Pro.
> Anyone have any experience with these?
> The manuals for the Asus RT-N16 are a joke. Web pages and dialogue 
> boxes are not explained. e.g. Trying to see if MAC filtering can be 
> applied to wi-fi only. [I have physical control over my copper ports, 
> wi-fi not so much. So I want to restrict the wi-fi to the few known 
> MAC addresses, and leave the copper side alone - letting me un/plug to 
> my heart's content.]
> And, of course, yet again, Canada Computer has no stock.
> [Wanted to check out the Asus eee PC 1201n they had in stock, but they 
> wouldn't let me open it to see if I can see the screen without 
> glasses, and test the 'chicklet' keyboard. They're not inclined to put 
> one on display either - too much older inventory. And, now they're out 
> of stock again. <sigh>]
> The Ubiquiti RouterStation Pro appears to be a board only, not well
> distributed in Canada, and, of course, out of stock.
> Anyone know how I get one of these in a black box - apparently in 
> comes with OpenWRT installed.
> Thoughts?
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