[kwlug-disc] DVD Drive

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Fri Feb 19 12:09:21 EST 2010

Assuming it's not USB, start with the BIOS - is it seen there?

Note: You may have to go into each individual drive and hit enter 
before an actual model shows.

I guess I'm assuming this isn't a new install - the drive has been 
there for some time and is now for some mysterious reason not being 
detected. If so, I'd be swapping another drive in, just long enough to 
verify it's not the drive, or the cable, or the BIOS, or the 
motherboard, or ...

Otherwise, the BIOS not seeing it, or not seeing it where it's 
supposed to be, usually indicates a misconfigured jumper - even if 
using cable select, check the other device.

	This gets particularly puzzling when it's SATA. At which point I have 
to go verify that the device has been enabled. An equivalent e.g. 
would be the confusion seeing the floppy drive set on the first 
screen, only to find you've turned the floppy off, elsewhere.

Insurance Squared Inc. wrote, On 02/19/2010 10:15 AM:
> How would one start diagnosing a non-detected dvd drive in linux?  My 
> gui doesn't even show that a drive is available.

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