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John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
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> Download the manual and start at page 14. It gives URLs for access to
> the streams directly. Anything that can use a network video source
> can use it. you can use a browser or a media player that can have a
> network stream specified that way.

Done that, in fact we use those cameras with Zoneminder to record security events and we've played with the various http access methods.
> v4l is well established in the average kernel from what i understand.
> And it relates more to the hardware associated with video capture and
> digitization, not the manipulation of existing streams. The camera
> does all that.

I'm not looking at manipulating the stream or capturing to file.

> Do you have specific software in mind?

What I'm looking for is if there is some software that makes that stream available to video calling applications like ekiga. I assume ekiga looks to v4l for a list of devices to use.

It seems that some applications can be configured to use a URL as input. For example applications like mplayer, ffmpeg can open network video streams and capture, massage, display and save them.

Is there a way to allow applications that are expecting a more standardized way of accessing video, ones that can't access a network stream, to have real-time access to the stream?

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