[kwlug-disc] Asus EEE

Chris Bruner cbruner at quadro.net
Wed Sep 16 11:14:53 EDT 2009

Insurance Squared Inc. wrote:
> My Asus EEE 900A just came in (this is the one that Chris posted to 
> the list a few weeks ago).  And my wife loves it.  The simplified 
> desktop system she's finding great - said it was like the Mac's she's 
> seen. So I've finally got another linux convert :).
> Two questions for those on the list familiar with this netbook.  
> First, is it a good idea to wipe out the distro that came loaded and 
> install something else (maybe save on some space?).  Secondly,the 
> machine came with a 4gig solid state drive that's at like 90% capacity 
> out of the box.  Can you/would you upgrade that?  Or just drop a 16gig 
> SD card into it?
> Any other tips for setting one of these things up?
I've put easypeasy on, and it was a pretty simple install. 
http://www.geteasypeasy.com/  I personally couldn't stand the default 
desktop, but the system comes with a restore CD if you get stuck.

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