[kwlug-disc] DVCS advice needed

Adam Glauser adamglauser at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 12:43:58 EDT 2009

Darcy Casselman wrote:
>> Bazaar:
> I like it because, yeah, cross platform support is really good.
> TortoiseBZR (the Explorer extension) is pretty slow, though.  It seems
> like a lot of people turn it off.  I didn't mind using it too much.

I'm going to have to do some comparisons with other tools, as so far 
I've found both Bazaar Explorer and the CLI to be slower than I'd 
expected.  If TortoiseBZR is worse than that, I can see why people don't 
bother. :)

>> For the IDE users out there, how important is it for version control to be
>> integrated in your experience?
> I think it's very important, but then my job for a number of years was
> writing IDE integrations for a proprietary ACM vendor.  Most people
> using DVCS seem to think it's unnecessary, and get along happily with
> the command line.  Having the IDE tracking adds, deletes, moves and
> renames just makes my life easier, and avoids broken builds when you
> forget to do those things manually.  If you can make sure you're
> keeping track of that, then you probably don't need the integration.

In other words, updating project metadata based on the actions of the 
SCM?  I can see where that would be handy, especially as the Express 
version of Visual Studio doesn't seem to have an easy way to look at all 
the files that are in the project directories, but not updated in the 
project metadata.

It looks like Visual Studio integration isn't really a high priority for 
any of the Open Source DVCSs, which I guess shouldn't be a surprise at 
this point in the adoption cycle for these tools.  I suspect the Windows 
user base isn't all that large for any of the tools yet.

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