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Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Thu Mar 12 23:37:29 EDT 2009

> This ignores and does not acknowledge, and would cease, donations 'to the
> LUG' already made in the past, that weren't made to the FLOSS fund.
> I doubt you intended to.

Not intended of course.

> I do understand what you're saying. And I think you're only discussing $
> here.

Yes, only receiving dollars. Not involvement, volunteering, ...etc.

The main reason here is that we don't have a formal body (non profit
organization), can't handle taxes, accounting, liability and all those nice
things that a non profit corporation has to face. It is not simple.

Perhaps not even needed for the time being, nor even wanted. That is another
whole debate. What led me to it is whether we should accept money in return
for advertising, ..etc. and clearly there is no consensus that we should.

So, if a company wants to donate dollars, then the FLOSS fund is about the
only place these can go. 100% of that goes to an open source project. End of

Involvement in other ways can continue, and is appreciated.

> Kahlid, ...

Hmmm. Who is he?
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