[kwlug-disc] Job offer: J2EE Software Development Manager

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Thu Mar 12 21:25:24 EDT 2009

Many interesting points have been raised in this thread regarding the
propriety of headhunter posts on this list.  Paul and I get the web-mail
requests from the web site that are the source of most of these.  We
debated the same issues when the first one came in.  Especially
headhunter vs. valued member postings and yucky money.  

How many of those posts have there been?  One per month-ish?  

We decided without putting it to a vote to allow the posts if
mostly-on-topic and as long as the traffic did not become a distraction.
And to continue to monitor the situation and re-evaluate.  

So re-evaluate.  Continue or not?  Think it over and we'll discuss at
the next meeting.  

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