[kwlug-disc] Job offer: J2EE Software Development Manager

David Graham cdlu at railfan.ca
Thu Mar 12 23:25:56 EDT 2009

On Thu, 12 Mar 2009, Richard Weait wrote:
> Many interesting points have been raised in this thread regarding the
> propriety of headhunter posts on this list.  Paul and I get the web-mail
> requests from the web site that are the source of most of these.  We
> debated the same issues when the first one came in.  Especially
> headhunter vs. valued member postings and yucky money.

I'm new around here (though not to Linux), but here's my take:

When a company hires you, they make money from you; otherwise they 
wouldn't hire you. When a headhunter finds you, that person gets paid for 
his or her resourcefulness in finding you by the company that they put you 
together with. At the end of the day, you still end up with a job, and 
someone else still makes money from you. Saying that headhunter posts are 
in any way less valuable than a direct email from an employer is like 
saying that CentOS is not a real distribution and should not be discussed, 
but RHEL is.

At the end of the day, a job posting that results in employment for 
someone on this list benefits the person who got that job, the list for 
the freshly expanded knowledge of that member, and the Linux community at 
large for having one more paid professional, expanding Linux' 'GDP'. And 
if all that results in a headhunter feeding his family for another week, 
who are we to complain?

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