[kwlug-disc] Job offer: J2EE Software Development Manager

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Thu Mar 12 23:08:11 EDT 2009

Richard Weait wrote, On 03/12/2009 8:25 PM:
> Many interesting points have been raised in this thread regarding the
> propriety of headhunter posts on this list.  Paul and I get the web-mail
> requests from the web site that are the source of most of these.  We
> debated the same issues when the first one came in.  Especially
> headhunter vs. valued member postings and yucky money.  
> How many of those posts have there been?  One per month-ish?  
> We decided without putting it to a vote to allow the posts if
> mostly-on-topic and as long as the traffic did not become a distraction.
> And to continue to monitor the situation and re-evaluate.  
> So re-evaluate.  Continue or not?  Think it over and we'll discuss at
> the next meeting.

This thread reiterates and reinforces prior.

You both are and have acted appropriately and correctly, please 
continue as you have.

I would suggest, though, that if anyone wants to receive more than 
what makes it to the list, individually, and assuming there are more 
and Paul / Richard are willing, they should let Richard / Paul know. 
Perhaps they would be willing to maintain their own internal e-mail 
group list and send every one through. Leaving it to those individuals 
to further qualify - without Richard / Paul spending any further time 
on determining pertinence. {What a mouthful. Sorry.}

A topic (pardon my lack of Drupal terminology) could probably be 
created on the web site to receive such job postings, and the web / 
forum / list merge doohickey would alert those who care, via the 
current mechanism. However, given the amount of spam already received, 
and prior discussions regarding how to keep such info. current, I 
wouldn't recommend this.

The topic, this thread, points out again how there is no vehicle I 
know of that brings together linux users in the k-w community. In the 
sense of directories of users and vendors and job seekers being able 
to identify each other. Forums, chat rooms, and so on and so forth.

And, observation suggests that there has so far been no critical mass 
causing it to be created. Otherwise, there would be something on 
craigslist by now. http://kitchener.en.craigslist.ca/.

This is not to dismiss K-W LUG. Which is largely composed of Linux / 
computer enthusiasts - but isn't quite the same set.

Perhaps I'm thinking of what might be called a 'K-W Linux Business 
Association', which would inevitably meet during business hours, 
preventing most K-W LUGgers from participating. So, sadly, still not 
taking us towards what I'm groping towards, here.

No sufficiently clear definition has emerged allowing a critical mass 
to form. Which seems strange.

Clearly, though, the set is not wwitpro. Which also, in some senses, 
is unfortunate.

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