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Fri Mar 6 08:50:16 EST 2009

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Sounds like you guys need Mantis:


Not exactly a personal manager, unless your life is a sequence of bugs,
but maybe a good starting framework.

There's even a plugin (MantisWAP) for using PDAs and cellphones.

unsolicited wrote:
> Raul Suarez wrote, On 03/05/2009 11:19 PM:
>> --- On Thu, 3/5/09, Chris Frey <cdfrey at foursquare.net> wrote:
>>> Not everyone has time to read every post on the kwlug mailing
>>> list... But a "magazine" could edit that into a more readable
>>> summary.
>> It's funny this topic comes up right now. as for my current task
>> there were a ton of emails back and forth and to remember the
>> status of something each one had to browse through rims of emails.
>> I decided to create a wiki to edit the status of all the issues as
>> I get them. It takes less time than doing the previous searching
>> through email, plus everyone agrees on what the status is.
> Which takes us back to a theme we revisit on the list every so often ...
> So what do people use for personal organization?
> - a theme (project managers), also in this latest issue.
> Personally, I'm still searching. Currently have a mix of pieces of paper
> everywhere, daytimer, palm (agendus).
>     I've been taking project management courses at Conestoga for a year
> and a bit now. It's been startling sometimes how principles espoused
> there can be applied personally. If I ever manage to accomplish any sort
> of personal discipline at all, that is.
> I had heard of OpenProj before, http://openproj.org/.
> I'm inclined towards kontact, http://kontact.org/, just because of the
> KDE integration / PIM / family. And particularly egroupware,
> http://www.egroupware.org/index.php?page_name=applications&lang=&wikipage=InfoLog,
> again because of the integration. Including with the KDE PIM.
> But I must confess I've yet to do anything with any of it. (And also
> have to accept that nothing is ever going to be 'perfect'. Raul's
> comment "It is even frequently dificult to define our needs", coming to
> mind.)
> I've thought about wiki's. There are even some for the Palm. I just
> haven't solved the 'be where I am, on whatever platform I am', problem.
> Entry on the Palm being, um, irritating, so want it on the computer if
> I'm near one. To be magically updated and on my Palm when I'm not. (Treo
> not having wi-fi means bluetooth connectivity only - so if I'm out and
> about I need the computer, and if I have the computer ...)
> Thoughts?
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