[kwlug-disc] Personal/Task/Project Management [was Re: Linux-Format Magazine]

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Fri Mar 6 00:28:23 EST 2009

Raul Suarez wrote, On 03/05/2009 11:19 PM:
> --- On Thu, 3/5/09, Chris Frey <cdfrey at foursquare.net> wrote:
>> Not everyone has time to read every post on the kwlug mailing
>> list... But a "magazine" could edit that into a more readable
>> summary.
> It's funny this topic comes up right now. as for my current task
> there were a ton of emails back and forth and to remember the
> status of something each one had to browse through rims of emails.
> I decided to create a wiki to edit the status of all the issues as
> I get them. It takes less time than doing the previous searching
> through email, plus everyone agrees on what the status is.

Which takes us back to a theme we revisit on the list every so often ...

So what do people use for personal organization?

- a theme (project managers), also in this latest issue.

Personally, I'm still searching. Currently have a mix of pieces of 
paper everywhere, daytimer, palm (agendus).

	I've been taking project management courses at Conestoga for a year 
and a bit now. It's been startling sometimes how principles espoused 
there can be applied personally. If I ever manage to accomplish any 
sort of personal discipline at all, that is.

I had heard of OpenProj before, http://openproj.org/.

I'm inclined towards kontact, http://kontact.org/, just because of the 
KDE integration / PIM / family. And particularly egroupware, 
again because of the integration. Including with the KDE PIM.

But I must confess I've yet to do anything with any of it. (And also 
have to accept that nothing is ever going to be 'perfect'. Raul's 
comment "It is even frequently dificult to define our needs", coming 
to mind.)

I've thought about wiki's. There are even some for the Palm. I just 
haven't solved the 'be where I am, on whatever platform I am', 
problem. Entry on the Palm being, um, irritating, so want it on the 
computer if I'm near one. To be magically updated and on my Palm when 
I'm not. (Treo not having wi-fi means bluetooth connectivity only - so 
if I'm out and about I need the computer, and if I have the computer ...)


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