[kwlug-disc] PC/hardware question

Cedric Puddy cedric at thinkers.org
Wed Mar 4 22:55:07 EST 2009

On 4-Mar-09, at 10:39 PM, Andrew Kohlsmith (lists) wrote:
> So, I guess to use the bugzilla tag, NX WORKSFORME. :-)

Sounds fair!
>> 	2) Session disconnects, and you can't reconnect for love nor money.
>> The only way to get back in is to kill the session entirely and hope
>> that you can log in again (see point 1).
> The only time I have the session disconnect is when some idiot kicks  
> out the
> power cord on the remote equipment.

I was/am really interested in NX specifically because it proxies the  
X11 protocol, and allows one to disconnect a session, and then later  
reconnect to it.  I use Screen all the time for that very purpose --  
I'm working at a client site on some computer, ssh'd in to my screen  
session, then disconnect, and later pick up the same session from the  
computer at my desk, etc.

That way, I leave all my connections to my servers, log windows,  
network stats all open in one session, and just connect to my  
environment as I need it.

I want NX because it allows the same thing, except not just with text,  
and without quite the same impact as traditional screen sharing  

Thanks for letting me know that it's really can work -- I'm looking  
forward to giving it another shot.

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