[kwlug-disc] PC/hardware question

Andrew Kohlsmith (lists) aklists at mixdown.ca
Wed Mar 4 22:39:12 EST 2009

On March 4, 2009 10:24:36 am Cedric Puddy wrote:
> NX is actually working now?
> I've tried it seriously about 3-4 times (~2005, 2006, 2007
> timeframes), and while I *really* like the architecture (it is a
> seriously excellent design to my eye), the @#^@#$%^@$#%%@!$%@ thing
> just didn't work.

I use it almost every day from home to connect to work, and at work to connect 
to oddly-placed machines (near equipment I'd rather not be working beside, or 
in environments I'd rather not work in).  I even use it the odd time to 
connect home from work.  :-)

So, I guess to use the bugzilla tag, NX WORKSFORME. :-)

Apparently sound works too, although I really haven't tested it thoroughly.

> I tried FreeNX under Gentoo, twice, a couple years apart, didn't work.
> I tired NX on CentOS for a client, and didn't work.

I use the NX free packages on their website for Debian and Kubuntu, connecting 
from the same, or from Windows XP.  Haven't tried anything else.

> 	1) Session starts up would/wouldn't work randomly.  I'd log in the
> first time, and it would come up like a dream (you know, like one were
> you are zipping along in your F-16 on afterburner -- NX is *fast*.),
> and that would be great.  Later, you go to start a session, and it
> doesn't work.  Nothing in the logs, no network connectivity troubles,
> etc.  Just doesn't start the session, and client sits there bouncing
> back and forth, and then timing out.

Never had that happen.  I do get the odd weird thing when the screensaver 
kicks in on the remote session (?) but I can always recover without doing 
anything weird.

> 	2) Session disconnects, and you can't reconnect for love nor money.
> The only way to get back in is to kill the session entirely and hope
> that you can log in again (see point 1).

The only time I have the session disconnect is when some idiot kicks out the 
power cord on the remote equipment.

> So, basicly, I'd be really happy to know that it's worth another shot
> -- as far as I can tell, compared to standard X or VNC-Server it's
> just out of this world in performance and security.

Agreed, I am in love with NX.  It's just that good.

> Any key tips you found to making for a successful install that the
> README doesn't cover??

... I've never read the README.  I just download the debs from the site, 
install them with dpkg, and it's done.  Works through firewalls (port forward 
tcp/22). Tested over a regular LAN, but also DSL, Cable and HSDPA.  My only 
real wish is for an iphone client.  And maybe remote USB support, like what 
VirtualBox can do.

NX even lets me export single windows, which is uebercool.  I'd started 
looking at xmove, then decided to give NX a shot.  I am REALLY happy I did.  


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