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Cedric Puddy cedric at thinkers.org
Wed Mar 4 10:24:36 EST 2009

NX is actually working now?

I've tried it seriously about 3-4 times (~2005, 2006, 2007  
timeframes), and while I *really* like the architecture (it is a  
seriously excellent design to my eye), the @#^@#$%^@$#%%@!$%@ thing  
just didn't work.

I tried the commercial edition on Solaris, with support from them, and  
didn't work worth a darn.

I tried FreeNX under Gentoo, twice, a couple years apart, didn't work.

I tired NX on CentOS for a client, and didn't work.

When I say didn't work:

	1) Session starts up would/wouldn't work randomly.  I'd log in the  
first time, and it would come up like a dream (you know, like one were  
you are zipping along in your F-16 on afterburner -- NX is *fast*.),  
and that would be great.  Later, you go to start a session, and it  
doesn't work.  Nothing in the logs, no network connectivity troubles,  
etc.  Just doesn't start the session, and client sits there bouncing  
back and forth, and then timing out.

	2) Session disconnects, and you can't reconnect for love nor money.    
The only way to get back in is to kill the session entirely and hope  
that you can log in again (see point 1).

	3) On Solaris, keyboard mapping issues galore.

So, basicly, I'd be really happy to know that it's worth another shot  
-- as far as I can tell, compared to standard X or VNC-Server it's  
just out of this world in performance and security.

Any key tips you found to making for a successful install that the  
README doesn't cover??


On 4-Mar-09, at 9:14 AM, Andrew Kohlsmith (lists) wrote:

> On March 2, 2009 04:18:14 pm Insurance Squared Inc. wrote:
>> Are there any low power/green computers available that are suitable  
>> for
>> an office environment - that'll run XP or linux?  Ones that have  
>> enough
>> horsepower that I don't need to compromise?  What about LCD monitors?
>> Are there such things as low power consumption LCD monitors?
> A single server in the back room, and diskless/fanless clients  
> running NX.
> I <3 NX.
> -A.
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