[kwlug-disc] debian 5.0 (lenny) install goes faster by moving the mouse?

Adam Glauser adamglauser at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 14:52:03 EDT 2009

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   just did another test on this and, weirdly, even text mode now
> configures packages during install excruciatingly slowly.  right now,
> the install progress bar is at 71%, "Configuring ftp".  it's been
> there for the last 45 seconds.  and now, i press ENTER a few times ...
> zoom!  and i hold down the ENTER key, it just smokes along.  that's
> just weird.  and thoroughly annoying.

Sounds like the Debian installer requirements need to add "a 
paperweight" to the list :)

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