[kwlug-disc] Rogers Bandwith Limit - Consequences of exceeding?

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Where is your house? I have a little network that I know about that might be of assistance.

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Now I understand your problem. You can't use any DSL provider since they all resell Bell's services. Even the ones that don't still co-located in the same COs.

One thing to watch is that developing neighbourhoods, if it financially permits, get mini-COs to bring the DSLAM closer to your house.

My situation is not too far from yours. I've got sketchy DSL since my move to an adjacent neighbourhood. It still works okay, it's just took a modem change to make it acceptable.

My solution can be solved by going back to Rogers if I care to.

Your's on the other hand sounds like you have limited options. You can consider a few things depending on your location:

1. Terago (nee World without wire) offers 802.11 wireless service. Last I heard they were still priced beyond residential rates.
2. Sympatico offers "unplugged" service, a WiMAX wireless offering.
3. There is satellite service in two varieties: 1 uses your existing analog to make download requests (like web pages) and it sends the downloads through the satellite signal. The other is actual bi-direction satellite. This is also higher than residential rates, but it is less than $100.
4. Fibreoptic. This is probably your most costly option, but man it's fast and clean. At a $5k startup and $600/month it's likely beyond your budget.
5. Dedicated T1 (hundreds in setup and hundreds per month.)

Then there are contractually prohibited options like sharing a neighbours' Internet, if you have a neighbour far enough away to have good service and close enough for a wifi signal.

I can only give first hand reports on fibre. I have a friend on satellite (bi-dir) who finds latency too poor for SSH. I've seen wireless service (not Wi FI or Max) that had lots of packet loss due to collisions (It was a toronto market.)

Aside from WiMAX, it seems to me 512Kb looks like cheap bandwidth compared to the options.


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