[kwlug-disc] Computer beginner tutorials on Linux

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Wed Jan 21 23:23:15 EST 2009

--- On Wed, 1/21/09, Rick <rickm at golden.net> wrote:

> Your question is implicitly assuming that the OS is fully
> installed (by someone other than the new user) ... 

In our case this is a valid assumption. The specific context I am
thinking about is using Linux in our training labs. There is a bunch
of computer-based training software available for Windows, and some of
it deals with basic things like managing files and using the mouse. I
am trying to weasel desktop linux into some of our training labs (Ssh.
Don't tell my boss), and including a carefully-selected set of
impressive software raises the probability that the Linux partition
actually gets used. 

I agree with Raul that games are not a bad way to learn mouse
proficiency. My favourite is probably gTans, which is a tangram game
that teaches mouse skills through discovery. I think this kind of
interactive task is more effective than reading a book or watching a
screencast, although such methods can also be useful. 

> This ShowMeDo video might me good (but I haven't tried
> it out on dial up):
>    http://showmedo.com/videos/series?name=QFBn7t
>     ... specifically this video: Practical Episode - User
> Interface Basics
> If this screencast is good then please let us know.

Dunno. The User Interfaces one might be useful. 

In terms of platform I am thinking Ubuntu with GNOME (Sorry Khalid.) 

>    gcompris - Educational games for small children A large
>    collection of educational games for small children. It is meant
>    to become some sort of unified interface to integrate more
>    educational games.

I did look at this one. It really is for young kids, though, and my
target demographic are adult learners. 

> If you do find a source of good info, then I'd be
> interested.

This is another "throw the idea to the world and see what happens"
post. I may try to go someplace with this but I make no promises. 

- Paul

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