[kwlug-disc] Computer beginner tutorials on Linux

Rick rickm at golden.net
Wed Jan 21 20:57:58 EST 2009

> I am looking for some very basic software that goes through mouse
> basics, opening and closing windows, managing files and so on.
> Interactive tutorials would be good. 

Your question is implicitly assuming that the OS is fully installed
(by someone other than the new user) ... and most help websites are
focused on the "setting up" barrier. And, of course, if one can get
through Linux-setup then you hardly need the basics that you're
talking about. I'm interesting in this question also because it would
be helpful for family members that I've set up with Linux.

This ShowMeDo video might me good (but I haven't tried it out on dial up):
    ... specifically this video: Practical Episode - User Interface Basics
If this screencast is good then please let us know.

Parts of this app might be handy (but I didn't install it):
   gcompris - Educational games for small children
   A large collection of educational games for small children. It is meant
   to become some sort of unified interface to integrate more educational
   Currently available boards include:
    * learning how to use a mouse and keyboard
    * learning simple arithmetics
and there more info at: http://gcompris.net/-en-

I was looking at this website:
but so much of the website is still oriented around setup.
Chapter 10 might be of some use:
But chapters 6/7 on Gnome/KDE were just a comparision bullet-points.

I've tried some searching with stuff like:
   linux newbie gui -administrator
but nothing really pops out. I think that Linux-wide GUI-tutorials
is the wrong way to go because there are so many desktop managers.
Maybe selecting a specific desktop manager is the way to go.
And, as far as I know, either KDE or Gnome are the best managers
for a Linux newbie. Which manager are you targeting? Unfortunately,
these searches didn't don't seem useful either:
   kde newbie tutorial
   gnome newbie tutorial
Also, I haven't had any luck with searching youtube.com

If you do find a source of good info, then I'd be interested.

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