[kwlug-disc] Looking for hosting for the IdeaTorrent Drupal application.

Brad Smith bnsmith at gmail.com
Sat Feb 14 13:01:19 EST 2009

I'm interested in using IdeaTorrent (www.ideatorrent.org) for a
fledgling open-source project, but I'm having trouble figuring out
where to host it. It requires PHP5, Drupal 5.x and PostgreSQL 8.3. The
first two are widely available, but the last one is a bit hard to find
(IdeaTorrent apparently won't work with any earlier versions of
PostgreSQL). Are there any shared-hosting providers that meet those
requirements? Or will I just have to go with a more expensive virtual
machine hosting solution where I can install whatever software I need?

I don't know much about hosting web applications, so I'd appreciate
any advice you might have.

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