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We know that Microsoft's response is going to be FUD.

The Free software community should respond objectively, facts based. 

Fanboyism and opinions should be left out.

The main question is: Should ethics be left out? Should it be just a pragmatic response or also a philosophically one?

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On Thu, 5 Feb 2009, Raul Suarez wrote:

> The RFI seems to have been purposely agnostic of the differences
> between Free software, Open source and Freeware. The good thing is
> that the RFI, by definition, provides the right mechanism for
> education. By providing the relevant information explaining what is
> Free software, what are the benefits.
> The questions presented in section 3 are great. I'll personally join
> the discussion and present my responses.
> This also seems to be a perfect topic for a KWLUG roundtable.

  i have already posted on the TLUG mailing list that i know for a
fact that microsoft has already downloaded that RFI, which means that
*their* response is going to be their typical FUD about how OSS is a
terrible idea.  you might want to craft your submissions with that in


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