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> Although,
I suppose you could 'automate' something, like it displays the latest
posted kwlug member blog entry. Raul's posts would be great to point
to. > > That I uploaded a logo, not so much.

And notice that I didn't have to ask anyone for permission, the space is there, anyone that wants can post.

I am still confused about the need to "drive traffic to the KWLUG"

When people spend time arguing, there is less time contributing. I found this with Puppy Linux, when people tried to organize it I lost interest there were so many battles going on that it got old pretty quick. I've already advised in this thread against that.

If you want to do something, do it, if other people join then it was a good group idea, if not, then you either continue on your own or you decide it wasn't a good group idea.

> To your point - what do we want kwlug.org to be?

A once a month meeting where Linux and FLOSS users, enthusiasts or curious from around the KW region hang out and exchange presentations, Sometimes continuing the hanging out at a drinking place after the meeting.

I see nothing wrong with having the meetings at the forefront of the website, that's what the group does as a group, the rest is motu proprio and even for that there is space in the blogs and other areas.

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