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Sat Dec 26 05:58:21 EST 2009

Robert P. J. Day wrote, On 12/26/2009 3:04 AM:
> On Sat, 26 Dec 2009, Richard Weait wrote:
>> We've been batting around a couple of ideas regarding who is KWLUG
>> and who is the audience for KWLUG.
>> I suggest that the web site kwlug.org is the most-public face of
>> KWLUG and that the Upcoming Meetings page is the main point of
>> interest on the web site.
>   which is, i think, unfortunate, 

That's actually how I read his post at first. i.e. If kwlug familiar, 
you go there for meeting information. If kwlug familiar, you know to 
hunt a bit if you have to - it need not be on the front page. If you 
are kwlug unfamiliar, a list of meeting topics may not be what you 
want to see first. And the way I really read his post - if unfamiliar, 
you assume the first meeting is representative of the entire kwlug 
experience - if you don't care about the topic, or it's too advanced, 
you just walk away. Perhaps?

> since why shouldn't people come to
> the KWLUG page for info *other* than just meeting times and places?

It's the public face of the kwlug meetings, and the repository of 
kwlug files / static text - e.g. blogs.

I take your point, and I'm not disagreeing with it, but to do what you 
suggest requires knowing what the 'voice of kwlug' wants to say, and 
someone being authorized to speak on behalf of kwlug. Sort of, if you 
know what I mean. Who decides what goes there, etc.?

Although, I suppose you could 'automate' something, like it displays 
the latest posted kwlug member blog entry. Raul's posts would be great 
to point to. That I uploaded a logo, not so much.

I suppose, part of the answer to your question is that nobody has 
offered to author content. If this list is any example, you most 
certainly don't want me writing it - my messages and clarity appear to 
be an oxymoron. Are you volunteering?

> is there anything else that can be used to drive traffic to kwlug.org?
> why not regular features, or columns, or tips and tricks?

One of the concepts I got out of Glen's SEO presentation is, having 
gotten a person to visit kwlug.org, you want to 'convert' them to 
something. At a store, it would be to convert them to buy something.

If we get someone to go to kwlug.org, what might we want to convert 
them to? (I'm assuming from your message you'd like to convert them to 
more than, or something other than, just the next meeting details.)

I know I suggested a long time ago that we have a list of local Linux 
shops/consultants. (There might be a source of revenue, actually.) 
Although the idea was well received, it broke down due to data 
accuracy / dated / approval / endorsement / maintenance issues.

Should there be a weather link? Current local events?

I think it would be great to have recent kwlug member news - for 
example when you write a column for that website. (The name escapes 
me, essentially kernel for dummies articles?) Or 'Local members carry 
off another exceptional onlinux event!' Or pointers to John's 
newsletter, when he gets it ramped up.

Who / What / When / Where / Why of posting and maintenance become issues.

To your point - what do we want kwlug.org to be?

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