[kwlug-disc] kwlug on twitter?

Insurance Squared Inc. gcooke at insurancesquared.com
Tue Dec 22 21:03:07 EST 2009

One is not sufficient.  I've got a squatter sitting on the .ca of my 
company name.  His response when I asked about negotiating a sale was 
profane.  If you want to protect a name, you've got to get everything.  
People can and will end up at variations of your  domain name - there 
are people using automated and cloaked methods to see what domains 
you're registering for no other reason than to grab that domain name 
variation.  And the only recourse to get that traffic back is 

But in this case, I question the need to protect kwlug's name.  Nobody 
wants it, there's no external traffic anyway and even if there is, no 
way to monetize it.  Nobody's likely to grab the lug name because 
there's no profit it in - and even if they did there'd be no real loss 
for the lug - that's not the case with most domain names owned corporately.

Bob Jonkman wrote:
> Chris Frey writes:
>> Perhaps this is good advice, but it is also akin to recommending that
>> everyone register all forms of their domain names "just in case."
> One is sufficient, so that if a spoof site does show up the real site 
> will already be established. Hopefully the real site has greater 
> Google-juice than the spoof site (which does imply that a modicum of 
> maintenance on the real site is necessary, if only to keep your cell 
> number up-to-date).

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