[kwlug-disc] (In progress) kwlug candidate meeting site sourced.

Chris Bruner cbruner at quadro.net
Mon Dec 21 12:59:53 EST 2009

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   something i think is being lost in this discussion of a new meeting
> place is asking why not a single technology company in the area isn't
> *asking* kwlug to meet at their facility, and this relates back to my
> suggestion that, in some critical ways, kwlug has simply "failed" to
> leave an indelible mark on the local technology community.
>   why *hasn't* some local company offered to be a monthly meeting
> space for kwlug?  sure, it requires some sacrifice on the part of that
> company but, on the other hand, there would seem to be some benefit in
> it for them -- perhaps a convenient venue for *their own* people to
> learn something new about linux on a monthly basis.  wouldn't that
> have enough value for said company to think, "sure, we can do this
> once a month."
>   but (apparently) no one is offering.  which suggests that no one
> sees kwlug as having sufficient value to make that offer, which
> suggests that kwlug is simply not offering anything local companies
> care about.  is that an unreasonable conclusion?
I think it is a bit unreasonable. Yes the KWLUG hasn't been noticed by a 
tech company that has space, but I don't think you can equate that as 
the same as being undesirable. After all even the Perimeter Institute 
(an institution with notable physicists from all over the world working 
at it, and giving lectures) uses a local high school because they don't 
have the room either.

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