[kwlug-disc] (In progress) kwlug candidate meeting site sourced.

Raul Suarez rarsa at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 19 20:47:24 EST 2009

--- On Sat, 12/19/09, unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:

> That's not what's going on (definition). I'm only seeking
> that what we already do, and want to continue doing, be
> visible - so that it's clearly evident and visible that we
> should be granted the space.

I'm confused, if you agree that we are already doing what you are proposing, then what's the purpose of the thread?

Of course, being the eclectic bunch we are, I agree that I don't need to see the purpose of the thread. I won't even try to set rules to the posts in this thread. We've been doing OK without them.

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