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Sat Dec 19 16:37:27 EST 2009

Raul Suarez wrote, On 12/19/2009 8:51 AM:
> I really think that the KWLUG has gone on quite successfully
> without the need to define or frame it.
> I don't see the need to do this but I see the risk on doing this.
> We are an eclectic bunch. For me, that's part of the attractive.
> Lets not try to institutionalize it. If they have a committee,
> maybe they'll want to talk to our committee, and we don't have one.
> We've been doing OK without one. We don't even have a "membership",
> to be a "member" is to participate whenever and however we see fit.
> Everyone is welcome "as is".

There will be no committee-speak.

They have a resource. Space. Much like Huether, Working Centre, Zehr's 
or any other place. As a consequence, someone or some body controls 
that space, or approves the use of the space. In their case, that's a 
particular committee. Once the committee approves our use of the 
space, our interaction and involvement is done. Full stop.

For the use of the space, the space holder (aka a sponsor) wants 
something in return. Of course. Quite reasonable. At the Huether, it 
was, say, 90% of the attendees to patronize the establishment. At 
other places, it's a rental fee - every time. Which would mean an 
entrance fee or some other continuous stream of $$$ from the lug - 
something kwlug would not accept and could not sustain. At the very 
least, icky money is here, and by definition the formalization and 
committeeization (sp?) of kwlug will have happened. In the case 
proposed here, all they will ask is "Show how you are relevant to our 
members? Welcome them to participate." Not unreasonable - it's their 
space, they will want to participate, no different than, say, their 
children attend cubs, scouts, brownies, or whatever (chess, stamps, 
coins, choir). The same requirement for an exchange of some sort will 
be present with each and every space holder. Full stop.

This one is free, and all they ask is to participate. WE ALREADY DO 
THIS! We welcome anyone. The only point of the prodding is that it is 
not always intuitively obvious that we welcome everyone, and make them 
feel welcome and included when they show up. WE ALREADY DO THIS! 
Everyone already helps everyone in every way they can think of and can 
contribute - I think it's part of the nature of computer people. So, 
all I've suggested is that we tag what we already do so that it's 
visible that we welcome people so that it's clearly evident to the 
approving body. Make it easy for them to see their membership 
participation desires will be met. Make it easy for them to approve 
us. Full stop.

	I hope these threads, which document how we are already new member 
friendly and welcoming, we just don't tag it that way, will be enough. 
It may well be - these very threads have made it visible.

	I don't expect anything to need to change. Certainly if we don't want 
it to change. I can think of at least one person, not so different 
from us, tired of Windows and looking for a better way, who will 
attend - and see that we are already inclusive and participatory.  But 
he may have a little difficulty pulling together the disparate bits 
and pieces of what is already present to see that we are new member 
friendly, inclusive, and participatory.

I understand the fear of being overwhelmed by new people who don't 
know which way is up for a mouse. That will not happen. We will not be 
presented that way - it's a non starter. If that's what they want, and 
they don't, it'll be dead before they can get those words out of their 

Linux is not on every desktop. Until it is, some percentage of every 
population, including their membership, will be looking for a better 
way than Windows. We've all been there. If you are not interested in 
looking for a better way, and willing to dig a little deeper into the 
computer, well, you won't show up. If you do show up, well ... there 
but for the Grace of God go we.

kwlug has presence, but doesn't really advertise. To advertise would 
be a continuous (daily? weekly? monthly?) drain of time, not a one 
shot effort. Who has the time? By virtue of approval to use the space 
will come an announcement to the community - that we exist.

Wherever we go - it must be free. If it is not free, kwlug is done - 
to charge an entry fee or otherwise have to come up with some sort of 
continuous revenue stream is the beginning of the monetization, 
formalization, and structure definition of kwlug. Which the membership 
will not tolerate. And would 'disband' over.

For the space to be free, the space holder, reasonably so, will ask 
that we be inclusive and allow their people to participate.


> The KWLUG is what it is for each one of us. Trying to define it to
> be the same for everyone will just led to discord. Please don't.

That's not what's going on (definition). I'm only seeking that what we 
already do, and want to continue doing, be visible - so that it's 
clearly evident and visible that we should be granted the space.

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