[kwlug-disc] (In progress) kwlug candidate meeting site sourced.

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Fri Dec 18 17:04:09 EST 2009

Dear kwlug:

I have sourced an alternate meeting site. I am in an ongoing
discussion with a program coordinator there. Which is the reason for
my recent verbosity and provocativeness in the list. To have a
'meeting of the minds' I must have an explicitly stated 'mind of kwlug.'

Approvals must be sought by the coordinator from the sponsor, which is
only next possible mid-January. That committee meets next, then.

In some ways I am being deliberately vague here - I do not wish to
rehash things repeatedly or get distracted into relatively minor
details, until I have an agreement in principle nailed to the ground.

The coordinator is VERY enthusiastic about the idea, but still has an
approval process to prepare for and go through.



As far as I can tell, it meets all of kwlug's meeting requirements,
and more.

There will likely be at least one condition attached - we will have to
attract, or be attractive to, at least some of their members or their
member's families.

	To my mind, that's not a condition but an opportunity - a group of 
people, some of whom will join and enhance the richness of that which 
we call kwlug.

Some amount of time will likely have to be dedicated to new users at
each and every meeting. To my mind, this is nothing more than 
labelling what we already do (show & tell, tips & tricks, q & a, news 
bits, announcements, etc.), perhaps with a 'came across this nifty new
Firefox add on', or, 'just picked up this nifty new gadget' type < 5
minute blurb. Or a commitment to sticking around to assist / mentor
new users pre- or post- meeting. i.e. Something scheduled and
definitive. Not topic requirement but audience specific requirement.

	This is nothing different than what we do already - members so
inclined graciously contribute content that people express a desire to
see. People have historically responded to an expressed need. And have
not responded to a need not expressed. Speak up and you will probably
be heard - don't speak up and nobody will say anything.

What teenager (?) doesn't want to provide a media center (audio / TV /
torrent) for their family? Or develop and create their own web site.
Or someone older not want to manipulate or organize their photos. And 
... what's next after you install a distro. The possibilities are 
pretty much endless. And quite compatible with how kwlug already 

kwlug / Linux / FOSS / Working Centre is all about reaching out and
facilitating our local community - the entire local community. As are
they. There is a broad, inclusive, entire local community synergy
possible here.

I will report further when I have further to report.

The idea of a 'home' for kwlug, in the sense of more space and
facilities than we could ever use, and a body of people to draw upon,
is rather exciting.

For example, suppose we took a 10 minute break about 1/3 through the
night, during which time those who need specific help, and those
willing to help, split out to another room. There could even be themes
each night - a presentation on running your own caching name server,
and separate individual help on playing and converting mp3 / ogg / flac.

	We've never even been able to consider splitting like this - for lack 
of facilities. The presence of such facilities ... presents
interesting possibilities.

The process, at this point, would seem to be:
- the coordinator to determine what he would like to be able to
present to his committee (that he thinks will result in approval for
us to use the space for free).
- kwlug vets, in principle, that we can deliver what he would like to
propose. I will tap individuals at that point, for what would
essentially be a code review.
- the coordinator seeks and gains approval, perhaps coming out of that
process with constraints or requirements of kwlug. e.g. designated
hours, set/clean up after ourselves, be open to new members, have at
least some content each night that caters to such new members.
- based upon committee approval results, I will again tap individuals 
for a code review, or, more likely, simply report the results to the 
list for a consensus of approval.
- if all goes smoothly and expeditiously, and there is general list
approval, or this site is chosen out of the available candidates, we
could be in place for the February 2010 meeting.

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