[kwlug-disc] Decrease boot time

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Thu Dec 17 15:07:05 EST 2009

--- On Thu, 12/17/09, Lori Paniak <ldpaniak at fourpisolutions.com> wrote:

> Win7 boots quickly.  It is all the crap-ware loaded on
> the machine that
> takes forever to start up. 

One aspect of the trend towards "Desktop Linux" that I really hate is that we now hide the bootup messages. Personally I dislike Windows bootup because I don't know what is happening. Now that Ubuntu and friends are just doing progress bars (or worse yet sliders) I don't know whether the machine is just slow to boot or whether it is hanging entirely. 

I do not mind a bootup time of several minutes provided that: 

0. I can see what is going on well enough to know that bootup is progressing normally. 

1. When the machine says it is booted then it is responsive -- I don't like this "log in, and then see the desktop, and then be unable to do anything for ANOTHER ten minutes" garbage. 

2. The bootup time is reasonably consistent, so that I know I can go away for a set period of time and come back to a booted machine. 

Unfortunately I believe we are moving in the wrong direction around this. But I am also a curmudgeonly old dinosaur who holds the minority opinion. Informative bootup messages "scare people", after all. 

- Paul

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