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Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Fri Dec 11 14:12:08 EST 2009

On Fri, 11 Dec 2009, Joe Wennechuk wrote:

> Yes unfortunately It is the LCD itself. The right half of the screen
> is completely viewable then for about an inch more it is visible but
> shifted to red, then there are two black bands separated by a green
> line about 1-2px wide covering the remaining portion of the screen.
>   I was wondering though if you might know this. I have access to a
> screen at E-Waste recycling, it is the same size but will require
> some monkey business as; it is for a different machine alltogether.
> Is this even feasable, Is this wise to approach, or are the
> technical feats required too daunting? Is it just a VGA (25 pin? or
> whatever)  with a proprietary connector?

  i once had a dell laptop that had regular display problems.  at one
point when i called dell, the service guy apparently knew exactly what
the problem was, told me to remove the plastic strip above the numbers
on the keypad and firmly press the video chip back in.  amazingly,
that fixed it.

  over the next several months, it did get slowly worse in that i had
to do it more frequently but i stuck it out until just before the
warranty expired, at which point they had no choice but to repair it
at no charge.


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