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Fri Dec 11 14:47:12 EST 2009

You're so lucky.

Odds are this is not a happy way, personally, for you to resolve your 
issue. (-:

It is likely that the LCD has a ribbon connector coming out of it that 
goes across the hinge. i.e. Must be flexible. Not a 25 pin vga connector.

If I were pursuing this I would:
- get the manu/model of the other machine.
- look yours and it up at the manu/support site, looking for the 
hardware maintenance manual. I have had success with both IBM and Dell 
getting disassembly / replacement instructions. You're looking to see 
what's involved, and a first guess at whether the dimensions are the 
same and/or mounting points are similar. And pinouts of the ribbon 
cable to see if the signals are the same. I would think you have a 
good chance of success at this, an LCD screen is an LCD screen - but I 
have no experience in this area. Mounting and dimensions, I'm not so 
- If ewaste will let you, I'd disassemble yours first. Use the 
external monitor in the meantime, then take it all to ewaste and 
disassemble theirs on-site. If it looks like it will fit, and you can 
slip their ribbon cable in yours and get video, take the whole shebang 
home and assemble it up right.

I wish you the best of luck. If you luck out with the same pinout, 
dimensions, and mounting point, this is easy and well worthwhile 
doing. Definitely a little bizarre the first time you do it, but makes 
perfect sense after you've run through it once.

If nothing else, disassembling yours should reveal part or other 
identifying numbers that you can then internet search for. Perhaps 
you'll get lucky.

The hard part is sourcing such replacement parts, for a reasonable 
price, within a reasonable geographical area. Parts cost, including 
inventory / personnel (disassembly) time, mean that most businesses 
just toss the very parts you need. If you could but find them.

Joe Wennechuk wrote, On 12/11/2009 2:04 PM:
> Yes unfortunately It is the LCD itself. The right half of the screen is 
> completely viewable then for about an inch more it is visible but 
> shifted to red, then there are two black bands separated by a green line 
> about 1-2px wide covering the remaining portion of the screen.
> I was wondering though if you might know this.
> I have access to a screen at E-Waste recycling, it is the same size but 
> will require some monkey business as; it is for a different machine 
> alltogether. Is this even feasable, Is this wise to approach, or are the 
> technical feats required too daunting? Is it just a VGA (25 pin? or 
> whatever)  with a proprietary connector?

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