[kwlug-disc] Nokia smartphone with APT!

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sun Aug 23 15:52:04 EDT 2009

Bob Jonkman wrote, On 08/23/2009 3:33 PM:
> There is plenty of interest.  On-list discussion would be welcomed by 
> me, as would a presentation.
> My cell phone contract expires in September, and I had been hoping to 
> sign up with one of the new cellular carriers like Globalive (now Wind

FWIW, if you're not hung up on carriers, or data ... Rogers Pay As You 
Go with a $100 card will last a year. Coming out to $8.33/month. 
Assuming data you do happens via local bluetooth/wi-fi link rather 
than over the carrier. No contract. And, being GSM, you should be able 
to use whatever phone you choose, purchased elsewhere.

There's a $0.01/minutes plan > 8:00 PM & weekends.


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