[kwlug-disc] Toronto mapping party this weekend !

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Tue Apr 28 18:00:17 EDT 2009

For those not familiar with OpenStreetMap, it is Free Software that
provides tools to create and use great maps.  The project also collects
Free GeoData through individual contributions and Mapping parties like
this one.  So it's on-topic for this list, even though it may also
involve something called "fresh air". ;-)  

Okay, Mapping party this Sunday
from 12:30pm at the Starbucks / Chapters at 
Bayview Village Mall (Bayview and Sheppard)

We'll be cleaning up an area that is partly mapped by getting all of the
road names, Points of Interest and addressing information.  There is
plenty of room for experienced mappers and new mappers as well.  


Mapping parties are a fun way to participate in the outdoor aspect of
OpenStreetMap, meet like-minded folks, and get to know an area

Have a handheld GPS?  Bring it with you!  

Please pass this announcement along to anybody you know who is a
map-geek, a cycle advocate, a community organizer, a geo-cacher, or even
a city engineer!  

See you Sunday!

Best regards,

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