[kwlug-disc] Convergence is an ongoing thing. What (in) 'Home Server'?

Charles M chaslinux at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 11:15:19 EDT 2009

My experience with MythTV is that it's a learning process. The reason I have
experience with a few distributions is that I found bugs with each MythTV
"distro." Some were bugs with the way the distribution handled hardware, the
other bugs were with software like MythWeather. Certain distributions work
better "out of the box" with particular hardware which makes the whole
experience a little easier. Now if you don't mind recompiling the kernel or
tracking down particular modules you're probably going to want to have the
'scratch experience' (i.e. Gentoo) which will also probably give you better

As far as I know Linux Media Centre Edition is suppose to be the glue that
binds things like your X10 with servers like MythTV. I'm not sure about its
ability to handle NAS and other servers, my understanding is "Don't look to
LMCE as a MythTV replacement, but as something to augment MythTV and help
control convergence. I don't know of any other convergence projects, but not
doubt someone has written something.
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