[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday, 7pm: Privacy, Home Automation (Apr 2024)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Mar 30 21:16:31 EDT 2024

Surprise! Despite our policy of holding KWLUG meetings on the first
non-holiday Monday of the month, our April shindig is this Monday, and
will happen to coincide with both Easter Monday and April Fool's Day.
Regardless, KWLUG has arisen and this month's meeting is no joke. We
have two great presentations lined up on two popular topics: Privacy
and Home Automation.

First up Ian Goldberg will present a talk entitled "Supporting Privacy
and Freedom Worldwide (and Helping Your Research, Too!)". Ian will
talk about privacy in general and the privacy-preserving network Tor
in particular. For over a decade the University of Waterloo has been
running a Tor exit relay; Ian will tell us about some of the benefits
and challenges universities face in doing so.

Secondly, Tim Laurence will tell us more about his home automation
setup (longtime KWLUG members might remember his presentation on
OpenSprinkler - https://kwlug.org/node/1132). He will give us a
virtual tour of his house and the different sensors and automations he
uses to make his home life more pleasant. 

These meetings will begin after meeting announcements at 7pm.

We will also have a separate restaurant meetup this month. That is
scheduled for Monday, April 15 at the Duke of Wellington Pub in Uptown
Waterloo. You can get more information about the location here:
https://kwlug.org/node/1376 . You can probably just show up, but
RSVPing to dinner at kwlug.org would be nice.

In other news, our friends at Kwartzlab have expanded their space, and
are holding a grand expansion opening on Saturday, April 6, between
10am-5pm. If you are interested in makery things (or maybe renting a
workspace in a makery place?) then this might be of interest to you.
Find details at https://kwartzlab.ca .

As per the new normal, Monday's meeting will be hybrid. We will meet
online at https://webconference.kwlug.org/room/kwlug , and in-person
in LIB 329 at the Dana Porter library at UW. The meeting starts at
7pm. All are welcome.

- Paul
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