[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: Asahi Linux, d3.js (July 2022)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Jul 9 11:31:06 EDT 2022

Oops. Guess who did not realize that last Monday wasn't a holiday? My
apologies to those who showed up for a nonexistent KWLUG meeting on
July 4th. Hopefully the wait has whetted your appetite, because we
have two good presentations on tap for this Monday. 

First off, Jason Eckert will tell us about his adventures using Asahi
Linux, a distribution that brings Linux to Apple's M1 chip. Jason is
quite enthusiastic about the capabilities of this new distribution,
and he will share his enthusiasm during the meeting. 

In addition, Ron Barnes pays us a virtual visit from the far off lands
of British Columbia, where he has been playing with the dynamic data
visualization library D3.js . Ron will lead us through the process of
consuming a dataset, plotting the dataset in an attractive way, and
updating the display with every new year's worth of data. If you are
interested in data visualization of complex data, this is the talk for

In other news, we are looking for presentations in September and
beyond. Whether you are local or from a far-off land, we love
presentations about FLOSSy tech and passion projects. If
you have been working with something cool, get in touch! Don't be shy! 

For now, we are continuing to hold our meetings virtually:


The meeting starts at 7pm. Join us from your backyard! Your front
porch! Probably not your pool! 

- Paul

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