[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday, 7pm: OhMyForm, BigBlueButton (June 2020)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat May 30 07:13:04 EDT 2020

Let's start with the connection details for this month's meeting:

Access code: 923324

Use Firefox or a Chromium-based browser for best results.

We may have a phone bridge set up this month, so if for some reason
you can only phone in, let me know at least an hour before the

Not every KWLUG meeting has a theme, but this month's does:
self-hosted alternatives to popular cloud software. Colin Knapp will
get the starty parted by introducing OhMyForm. Like Google Forms,
OhMyForm makes it easy to create webforms that feed spreadsheets.
Unlike Google Forms, all the relevant data can live on servers you
control. Colin will tell us about the project, how to use it, and the
roadmap for its development.

Did I mention our web conferencing server? Because that's the other
presentation this month. Instead of being sensible and just purchasing
a slick, proprietary Zoom subscription for our meetings (or trying to
wrestle 40 minute meetings, or forcing everyone onto Google Hangouts,
or...) we decided to be stubborn and set up our own self-hosted
webconferencing server called BigBlueButton. BigBlueButton is online
classroom software that offers quite a few features and reasonable
performance. I will discuss some of those features, regale you with
some of my misadventures in setting it up, give you the good/bad/ugly,
and maybe discuss its architecture. 

In other news, it looks like the local tech meetup scene is waking up.
A number of local tech groups have been announcing online events
lately. You know where to find them: https://watcamp.com

As usual, our meeting starts at 7pm. Doors will open (aka the
conference will start) around 6:45pm. Maybe you need parking somewhere
else, but not here. You just need to sit at home on a sunny evening
and look at a screen. Let's all look at screens together!

- Paul

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