[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday, 7pm: KW Commits, dnsmasq (May 2020)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat May 2 00:06:35 EDT 2020

Welcome to the new reality. To celebrate(?), why don't we all join the
KWLUG webconference next Monday? Here is the connection information: 

Access code: 932324 
Meetup starts at 7pm

(Some guidelines: https://kwlug.org/node/1209 . If you want to dial in
by phone please contact me offlist: paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca.)

This month we have a bright idea and a world of experience. The bright
idea comes courtesy of Tim Laurence. Tim knows that we are a tech hub,
and there are lots of people locally who contribute to open source in
some way. Tim also knows that these people do not always get the
recognition they deserve. Tim would like to change that, so he has a
proposal called "KW Commits" he would like to share. He will pitch 
his idea and then lead an orderly discussion to explore and refine

Our second presentation will be all about dnsmasq, a lightweight DNS
and DHCP server. It is a popular choice for home routers and other
resource-constrained systems.  gLori Paniak has been using dnsmasq for
15 years (!) and will share what he has learned via a deep dive into
the dnsmasq configuration file. 

In other news, there is not a lot of other news that I know of.
KWLUG member Mikalai Birukou helped organize a successful online
summit at https://flattenthecurve.tech/, but that was last week. If
you have some news of interesting things happening June or later
please pass them along. 

If you organize a local tech group (or know others who do) and are
interested in running your meetup on the KWLUG BigBlueButton
webconferencing platform, please get in touch and we can make

Also, we are looking for presentations from July onwards. If you have
something FLOSS-related that you would like to present, please propose
it! You can do so on the kwlug-disc mailing list, via the webform on
the website, or to me via email. 

- Paul
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