[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: Beginner Git, Matrix (Nov 2019)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Nov 2 00:04:13 EDT 2019

Yes, git, we know. You won the version control wars and now all of us
are ensconced in your tangly branches. But you aren't always easy to
love, y'know? It takes a fair amount of work to understand the world
you want us to commit to. Masters, indexes, hashes, forks, pulls,
pushes, bare repos vs clothed ones -- there is a lot of
terminology to understand before we know what we are doing, and it can
be intimidating for new git users to git started. It has been four
years since our last git talk at KWLUG, and it is time to revisit the
subject. Paul Nijjar (wait. who? what??) is going to give us a
beginner-friendly talk that demonstrates just enough git to submit a
pull request on Github (alternatively, a merge request on Gitlab).
If you are a beginning git user, know any beginning git users or would
like to contribute to open source but are intimidated by version
control, this might be the presentation for you.

On an unrelated note, can't we just sit down and talk? Why is it so
hard for us to communicate without somebody peeking in to slurp up all
of our personal data? Do we really need giant tech companies with
centralized servers just to have a conversation? Hubert Chathi does
not think so. He has put his livelihood where his mouth is: he works
on Matrix, a federated, end-to-end encrypted communications protocol
with a host of clients and bridges to more proprietary channels.
Hubert will tell us a little about the project and its goals, and then
he will answer all of your questions. 

As usual, these talks will begin around 7pm, after meeting

Speaking of meeting announcements, Stephen Paul Weber is organizing a
satellite LibrePlanet conference to be held in conjunction with the
one in Boston. He describes LibrePlanet as "an annual conference about
software freedom, user rights, philosophy and technology." A date has
not been set yet, but you can follow progress at
https://2020.libreplanet.ca/ .  At this point he is looking to spread
the word (especially to those outside Waterloo Region), for
volunteers, and for sponsors. 

Speaking of maps, some people at CycleWR are reviving local
OpenStreetMap initiatives, focusing on finding low-carbon ways to get
around Waterloo Region. They do not appeared to have a dedicated
website for this initiative, but you can follow them on (proprietary!)
Twitter here: https://mobile.twitter.com/hashtag/mappingwr

Our meeting wull be held at the new usual location: 

TriOS College
110 King St E
(inside Market Square, at Frederick/Benton)

See https://kwlug.org/trios-college for maps and photos. Try to get to
the site before 7pm so that you can get in, and/or bring a cellphone
so you can call and be let in. 

- Paul
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Blog: http://pnijjar.freeshell.org

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