[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: UEFI, Pop!_OS (March 2019)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Fri Mar 1 23:54:31 EST 2019

LOCATION NOTE: This meeting (and probably future ones) will be held at
TriOS College at Market Square. See below for more. 

Let's get started, by which I mean: let's get booting. Back in the
antediluvian days of the 20th century, our input/output systems were
basic. We hobbled around in our text-interface menus, setting DMA
interrupts and identifying our operating systems as "Plug and Play"
and who knows what else. We were masters of our boot records,
logically extending our primary partitions to fit those sweet dual
boot (triple boot, quadruple boot) setups. Time has marched on, and so
have the mechanisms we use to boot and partition our computers. In our
first presentation, Chris Irwin will regale us with information of
UEFIs, GPT partition tables, and the many terrible things you can do
with them. (And if you think a talk on partition tables and extensible
firmware interfaces make for a boring talk, you have never attended a
presentation by Chris before.) 

In addition to partitioning fun, Jason Eckert will give us a tour of
the Pop!_OS distribution, produced by System76 (perhaps best-known for
selling laptops with Linux pre-installed on them). Pop!_OS focuses on
security and developer productivity. This talk will be

In other news, there are so many things happening around Waterloo
Region these days. It is overwhelming just looking at them all. Here
is one that does not seem as if it would apply to Linux users, but boy
howdy it probably does: 


You know where to find more events: watcamp.com (and the associated
email newsletter). 

As always, if you are organizing something FLOSSy that you would like
to see mentioned in this space, let me know.

This month's meeting will be held at TriOS college, starting at 7pm:

TriOS College
Market Square
110 King St E

See https://kwlug.org/trios-college for pictures, maps, and parking
information. Please try to arrive on time, but if you are late there
should be a sign on one of the front entrances with a cell number you
can call to get inside. 

- Paul


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