[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: LXD, SSH Tricks (Dec 2018)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sun Dec 2 03:24:33 EST 2018

Here we are again. December. To commemorate the last meeting of the
year we will box ourselves in and communicate in tricky ways. 

LXD offers sysadmins and enthusiasts lightweight containerization that
is easy to experiment with, and which attempts to be secure out of the
box. LXD exposes a REST API and some tools to set up containers and
control them. In his first KWLUG presentation, Mikalai Burukou will
show us what LXD is and how it works. He says this will be a good talk
for beginning systems adminsitrators or those who would like to dabble
on the commandline. 

Many of us are familiar with SSH. We often use it to communicate with
remote computers interactively. Some of us use it as a transport for
other commands, such as rsync or git. But SSH is a flexible, powerful
tool. Jason Eckert will demonstrate some of that power by showing us
some SSH tricks. 

In other news, tickets for the grassroots conference StarCon are now
available. You can purchase yours at starcon.io . 

This month's meeting will be held at the KW Innovation Centre: 

283 Duke Street, Unit 225

Maps and photos of the location are here: https://kwlug.org/283-duke .
Doors open around 6:30pm or so. The meeting starts at 7pm.

- Paul

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