[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: Bulk Video Editing; Open Source in the Developing World

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Nov 5 02:09:46 EDT 2011

Dear Blabby, 

Somehow my parents found out that I am computer literate.  Now they
want me to edit all their home videos into polished masterpieces! Each
video takes me hours and hours to go through. I am losing videogame
time over this, and my Guild is getting upset with me. What should I

- Kindred Indentures Nerdy Offspring

Dear Indentured,

You should go to this month's KWLUG meeting. Raul Suarez will be
showing off some tricks and tools for batch video editing, including
"recipes" for mencoder, ffmpeg and imagemagick. Maybe seeing his
presentation will speed your video editing up enough that you won't
have to have that awkward honest discussion with either your family or
your Guild. 


Dear Blabby, 

Wasn't Ubuntu supposed to be about bringing the benefits of Open
Source to Africa? What are the impacts of Open Source in the
developing world?

- Unconsciously Beleaguered Under Nightly Uncertainty

Dear Beleagured, 

You should go to this month's KWLUG meeting. Rodrigo Gonzalez will 
deliver a short presentation  -- perhaps the first in a series --
about this very topic.


Dear Blabby, 

I want to give some money to an open-source related cause, but I have
no idea how to do it! Please help part me from my dollars.

- Generously Able To Enrich Software

Dear Generous, 

You could give your money to this month's FLOSS Fund nominee:
FreedomBox. This project aims to "enable private conversations online"
by building and collecting software for the social network that people
can run on their own computers. To learn more about FreedomBox you
could visit http://freedomboxfoundation.org . You can make your
contributing by attending this month's meeting, or by contacting Paul
at paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca 


Dear Blabby, 

I learned something about Linux or open source software and I want to
let everybody know. But I don't where I might find a friendly
audience who would be receptive to a talk. Please won't you help

- Terrible At Locating KWLUG

Dear Locating, 

I am sure that KWLUG would be interested in hearing you speak. You
could give a 20 minute presentation, a 45 minute one or one that is an
hour and a half long. There are slots available from January onwards,
so this is a particularly opportune time for your question.


Dear Blabby, 

Where are these KWLUG meetings you keep talking about?

- Practically Livid At Nonsense Titles

Dear Livid, 

St John's Kitchen
97 Victoria Street North
(Corner of Victoria and Weber)

The meeting starts at 7pm. There are maps and pictures of the meeting
location on the website: kwlug.org 



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