[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: pfSense 2.0

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Dec 3 05:30:38 EST 2011

Everybody needs a good firewall. Ordinary firewalls make you fiddle
and fuss on the command line! One mistake and you lock yourself out!
What a mess! 

With the revolutionary new pfSense distribution, setting up
firewalls is a breeze! Use the pfSense dynamic web interface to organize
your firewall rules. Just click... click... move... and you're done!
The script kiddies stay out and your remote users get in! 

But that's not all! Use the pfSense distribution to manage OpenVPN
clients! Give your guests isolated network credentials with the
pfSense captive portal! Graph and track network usage with built-in
graphing! Plus, backing up is quick and easy!

Stop setting up subnets by daisy-chaining routers. With pfSense, you
can split up your network using multiple interfaces or VLANs! Tired of
giving equal rights to all operating systems on your network? pfSense
makes operating system bigotry easy! Just associate OS fingerprinting
to your firewall rules. Click... click... move... done!

Other firewall solutions from Cisco or Juniper can cost you hundreds
of dollars! But you can order the new pfSense 2.0 release for $0 plus
shipping and handling! You'll also receive access to the pfSense
repository of addons and plugins for free! Turn your router into a
FreeSWITCH telephony platform! Authenticate clients with FreeRADIUS!
Stop root worms with DenyHosts! You get all of these features for $0.

In addition to your pfSense you will receive the KWLUG FLOSS Fund
Guide, filled with amazing ways to make a donation (if you so choose) to
jXplorer, an LDAP browser written in Java. Learn more about jXplorer
at http://jxplorer.org

But that's not all! Order soon and receive a second installation of
pfSense for free -- just pay shipping and handling! Get a copy of
pfSense for a family member or friend, or link two instances of
pfSense together with CARP for high availability! 

Order on Monday at 7pm! Operators named Kiwi will be standing by! 

To order, go to the KWLUG meeting on Monday: 

St John's Kitchen
97 Victoria Street North
at Weber
http://kwlug.org for maps and location info

- Paul

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