[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: 10th Anniversary Social Night

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Oct 1 00:59:43 EDT 2011

Well, it's October, and that can mean only one thing: WINTER. Here
comes another 11 months of... 

What? You've heard this intro before?  Oh.

How about this: Aren't you tired of being stuck behind a computer
screen all the time? Wouldn't some indirect human company be... Oh.

Okay: Remember back when the Internet was simple and fun... Oh. 

I'll admit it: after 10 years of meeting announcements it's tough to
avoid repeats, and it wasn't as if the idea pool was that deep to
begin with. That's right: KWLUG is 10 years old. Actually, it is a bit
older: as far as we can remember, we held our first meeting in
September, 2011. To celebrate being half the age of the Linux kernel,
we're having another social night this Monday. But don't think you
have to be grizzled to celebrate: whether this will be your first meeting
or your 121st, you're welcome to come out. If past social nights are
any indication, this meeting will feature a relaxed atmosphere and
lots of conversation (much of it tech-focused, but not all of it). 

If you have a neat gadget or software application to demo, you'll be
sure to find an interested audience. You can also bring in a computer
for an impromptu install- or supportfest. And if nothing else, there
are rumours of cake.

This might be an especially nice reunion meeting if you have not been
to KWLUG in a while. The party will get started at 7pm.

Because it is a social night, we won't have a FLOSS Fund nominee this
month. (We have found that social nights are bad FLOSS Fund nights.)

If that is not enough partying for you, it looks as if Kwartzlab is
hosting the Ubuntu 11.10 release party on Oct 15. See
http://kwartzlab.ca/events for more info. 

If that is not enough user group fun for you, it looks like there is a
user group aimed at nonprofits starting called NetSquared, with a
strong nonprofit focus. See
http://www.dagnova.ca/blog/netsquared-waterloo-region/ for more
information and a user survey.

If that is not enough education for you, the KW Freeskool is still in
the process of organizing the "Linux and Free Software Literacy"
course I plugged last announcement. It looks like the course will be
held on Tuesday evenings. Since I am teaching the course, I know for a
fact that there needs to be 10 registrants for the course to happen,
so if you have been thinking about getting some basic Linux literacy
then now is a good time to make things happen.  If you are interested
(no obligation) then send me an e-mail and I will arrange to get you a
registration survey. (Despite this being a Freeskool course, you don't
need to be a radical leftist anarchist hippie to participate.) See
for the syllabus.

If that is not enough futile political protest for you then you might
be interested to know that our favourite copyright bill has been
renamed to Bill C-11:

If that is not enough meeting announcement for you then here is our
meeting location: 

St John's Kitchen
97 Victoria St N
(corner of Weber and Victoria)

You can park your Mardi Gras floats and ocean liners in the Worth A
Second Look parking lot, and your fixies and roller skates along the
side of the building.

- Paul


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