[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: Syslog Servers

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Fri Aug 7 21:08:01 EDT 2009

"The scariest KWLUG presentation you'll see this summer"
  -- Dodgers and Eggbert 

"Almost worth the price of admission"
  -- Drolling Drone Magazine 

* * * 

[Black. Deep voiced guy who voices all the movie trailers speaking.]

In an ordinary network...
In an ordinary organization...
No one expected...
The unexpected

[Cut to people screaming in an office. Mass pandemonium.]
[Cut to black]

When the hard drives fail...
When the mail stops flowing...
When the script kiddies come...
How will you know?

[Cut to crazed sysadmin pointing to a router.]

CRAZED SYSADMIN: It's speaking! It's... trying to tell us something! 

[Cut to black]

This summer... 

[Cut to different shrieking sysadmin]

SHRIEKING SYSADMIN: The mailserver! The mailserver! What's happening?!

[Cut to black]

Feel the terror...

[Cut to REMORSEFUL SYSADMIN quivering in fear]
REMORSEFUL SYSADMIN: Why didn't I check the logs? Why didn't I check the logs?!

[Cut to black]

What you don't know can hurt you.

Coming to a Heuther Hotel near you


Although this presentation takes place in a systems administration
context, any home user with a home Internet connection and/or two
electronic doodads may well get a thrill. 

In the consession stand we find this month's FLOSS Fund nominee:
Mapnik. Mapnik is a graphic toolkit used for making beautiful mapping
applications. Its webpage is http://www.mapnik.org

In less terrifying news, the Canadian government is taking another
stab at drafting an updated copyright bill. (You may have heard of
Bill C-61, their former attempt.) This time, they are holding some
public consultations, and you have until September 12 to submit some
feedback. The official website is http://copyright.econsultation.ca/ ,
and the prominent copyright watchdog Michael Geist has an informative
site http://speakoutoncopyright.ca/ . 

Also less terrifying is KWLUG member Rob Day's series of Kernel Newbie
columns on linux.com . Rob's weekly column will tell you how to
develop and debug kernel modules step by step. Check out 
for the first of several installments. 

Depending on how many giant killer robots they make, the following
update about the local Hackerspace (now known as KWArtzlab) may be
terrifying: they have incorporated, and are a mere six members away
from meeting their founding member goal. See http://www.kwartzlab.ca
for more info. 

This month's meeting will be held at the Boardroom of the Heuther
Hotel. Get to the boardroom by going in through King Street, then
going up stairs, turning and walking through the bar, and then heading
up another flight of stairs and walking to the end of the corridor. 

The address is: 

The Heuther Hotel
59 King Street North
(at Princess and King)
Waterloo, Ontario 

There are maps and photos of the site on the Interwebs: 

- Paul

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