[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday (NEW LOCATION): LAMP stack

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Jul 4 00:21:12 EDT 2009

Are you on the Information Superhighway yet? This worldwide network of
computers will revolutionize society, and you will not want to be left
behind. Using only your home computer and a modem, you can log onto
the Superhighway and check stock prices, exchange recipes and get weather

One of the most exciting aspects of the Information Superhighway is
that it uses a lot of open source software. Pretty much anybody who
uses a web browser has visited homepages powered by the LAMP stack --
Linux, Apache, MySQL and a scripting language beginning with the
letter P. By installing this software on your computer, you can set up
your own Superhighway interchange, populating your own corner of
cyberspace. You could put up a homepage with rants and some pictures
of your cat. If you are more enterpreneurial, you could advertise your
business and reach an audience of thousands. Khalid Baheyeldin makes
his living on the Information Superhighway, and he will show us the
essentials of working with the LAMP stack for fun and profit. You
won't want to miss this presentation, which starts at 7pm. 

Of course, in order not to miss the presentation you had better show
up at the right place, which means paying attention to this 


For the next few meetings (and maybe indefinitely) KWLUG
is moving its meetings to the Heuther Hotel in Waterloo: 

The Heuther Hotel
59 King Street North
(a few blocks north of Waterloo Town Square)
Waterloo, Ontario 

This month we are meeting in the Boardroom of the hotel. I don't know
exactly how to get to the Boardroom, so your best bet is probably to
go into the cafe off of King Street and ask the staff there for

There are some pictures and maps of the location in cyberspace: 



In FLOSS Fund news, last month generous KWLUG members raised $50.96
for the Mozilla Foundation. This month's nominee is GPSBabel, which
helps you convert satellite data into fodder for mapping programs.
It's like living in the future. You can contribute at the meeting, or
you can get in touch with Andrew at acant at alumni.uwaterloo.ca to
arrange something. 

In Makerspace news, the Hackerspace people are in the midst of
a membership drive, and are planning a big event to share what they
have been researching so far. See http://makekw.org/events/20090709
for more info. 

In Information Superhighway User Group news, KWIUG has revitalized itself
and will be holding a summer meeting on July 7. See
http://www.kwiug.org for more information. 

- Paul

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