Installing LAMP on Ubuntu 11.04 aka The Natty Narwhal

As new user with Linux using Ubuntu 11.04 I was in the "now what?" moment.
Then I recalled Khalid's presentation on LAMP.
Exploring with the Google I found the following tutorials.

There were tuts going back a few revs but I thought 10.04 tut was close enough to 11.04.
And! Success! I now have a Linux webserver running LAMP.

updated 2013-02-17: some of the info in the txttweaks tuts is dated but still useful

updated 2014-04-14: having to do an apache / apache2 rebuild / reinstall seems to be an annual exercise; on this go around, I found that the default conf files map to
/var/www/html; and that I had to drop in an index.html file into that directory to get
FF /localhost to bring up anything other than an empty "Index of /" page.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Apache 2.4.9 (build: 2014-04-01)

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