What happens at a meeting

If you are a member at another Linux user group then you already know what to expect. We're pretty much like the other user groups you've visited. Drop in and see us whether you are passing through on business, or moving here from afar.

If you haven't visited a Linux user group before (and if you are reading this page, that's probably a fair bet) you may be curious as to what to expect.

You can expect to meet a varied goup of people from most any background imaginable. We have members that are just starting to learn about Linux and members that know a great deal already.

  • Setup/pre-meeting: 6pm
  • Formal meeting start: 7pm
  • Post meeting: 9pm

The pre-meeting is informal and very loosely structured. This is an opportunity form small group discussions. At times we may have a brief video presentation as well. Informal question and answer sessions regarding your specific projects are welcome.

The formal part of the meeting is not really very formal at all; we have no requirement for tuxedoes or evening wear. But we do try to give informative presentations during the formal meeting. This will include a few technical presentations by our members. The topics are as varied as our members and have included everything from games to finance, from graphics to file systems, databases to word processors, from spam filtering to telephone answering machines from servers to clients, from hither to yon. If you find any of this confusing, don't worry, we have question and answer sessions too!

After the meeting and a quick clean-up, some of us will go to a local restaurant for further discussion and snacks. Make sure to ask us for details if you plan to join us.

Meetings are free and open to those with an interest in Linux. All levels of Linux experience are welcome at our meetings. You are welcome if you have heard about Linux and are curious to learn more. Come on out and meet us. See our locations page to find out where to go.

Special meetings

Some meetings will depart from the typical schedule listed above. Please see the meeting description to find the location.

On Holiday Mondays we often postpone until the second Monday of the month.

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